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engage™ authentication technology launched for HEBE LIFE®

Holography Conference

ELTRONIS delegate among the panelists at the 2020 edition of The Holography Conference

security label

ELTRONIS enseal security label deployed in the fight against automotive counterfeiting

Brand Protection Solutions

Effective Product Packaging Security & Brand Protection Solutions

Vial Labels

High Security Holographic Vial Labels for the Protection of Pharmaceutical Products


ELTRONIS COVID-19 Press Release

on-site serialization zárjegy szerializálás serializare sigilii serialisierte Sicherheitssiegel

FMD Implementation – On-site serialization of tamper-evident seals

FMD Implementation – On-site serialization of tamper-evident seals The deadline for the Falsified Medicines Directive is upon us. Ensure the successful implementation of all the FMD mandated security features by choosing ELTRONIS, which will enable you the option of on-site serialization and securing your product packaging with the application of only ONE SEAL.