Our portfolio of automotive industry labels includes specially designed solutions for specific automotive industry conditions. All solutions we propose are always functional and will meet customer demand.

Vehicle interior labels

  • airbag labels: conformable material; adhesive for difficult and textured surfaces; printing with resistant inks;
  • instruction labels: polyester material; permanent adhesive; resistant inks; additional printing protection; fireproof material;
  • VIN label (Vehicle Identification Number): made from color Aluminum, acrylic sheet and laser marked, available in a wide range of colors;
  •  other vehicle interior labels: seat labels, warning labels, serialized labels.

Vehicle exterior labels

  • warning and safety labels: durable materials, destructible pvc and other materials; permanent adhesive; wash & UV resistant printing;
  • instruction labels for fuel caps or fuel system: materials that can withstand contact with various petroleum based chemicals; permanent adhesives resistant to solvents and petroleum; special printing protection;
  • brake-, identification-, parts- and rubber labels.

Under the hood labels (engine compartment)

  • labels: adhesive labels or Aluminum foil tags;
  • materials: very durable, resistant to chemicals, acids, petroleum products;
  • adhesive: permanent, resistant to high temperatures.

Auxiliary labels

  • logistic-, box identification-, sealing- and security labels.


  • withstands extreme temperatures and environmental factors and weather;
  • resistant to aggressive chemicals (in contact with brake fluid, gasoline, diesel, hydrogen, motor oil, windshield washing fluid, antifreeze);
  • wash resistant materials;
  • special adhesives developed exclusively for the automotive industry;
  • the label’s lifespan is the same as the lifespan of the vehicle or components and sometimes even longer;
  • our products meet all the standards and regulations of the automotive industry: RoHS, ELV, WEEE, IMDS/UL/CSA;
  • designed for special applications, sealing or avoiding counterfeiting.


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