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Falsified Medicines Directive Pharmapack Europe

ELTRONIS – Specialty & Security Printing

The Falsified Medicines Directive (2011/62/EU) has introduced mandatory safety features (serialization and tamper-verification) for the protection of pharmaceutical product packaging. The mandatory security features must be placed on the packaging of medicinal products starting February 9, 2019.

ELTRONIS – Specialty & Security Printing presents the solution that will enable you to implement both mandatory security features with ONLY ONE seal.

A revolutionary user-friendly patent pending ergonomic customizable serialized tamper-evident self-adhesive seal with controlled tearing for primary product packaging and shipping box protection.

The seal’s non-adhesive tab for easy removal provides it with a revolutionary intuitive use. The addition of the non-adhesive tab helps the end-users to easily open the seal and gain access to the product the intended way, while also reinforcing the product’s safety.

The detachable non-adhesive tab can only tear along the predefined line and does not damage the product packaging in any way, which allows the end-customer further use of the box. Read more>

Customizable serialized tamper evident seal illetéktelen beavatkozást kimutató zárjegy Sigiliu autoadeziv cu evidenţierea desfacerii Manipulationssicheres Siegel
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