Identity Cards and Security Documents

ELTRONIS is a market leader in the production of security documents and experienced in developing and utilizing a wide range of security features to protect identity documents or other credential documents. This experience has allowed us to win multiple governmental tenders.

We produce a variety of credentials which include identity cards, auto registration documents, diplomas, prescription pads, forms, permits, badges, certificates, etc. ELTRONIS – Specialty & Security Printing produces millions of high quality, secure and durable products yearly. Our products meet both national and European standards alike.

Our product portfolio

  • identity cards, Temporary ID cards, Election ID cards;
  • Certificates, Registers (birth, marriage, death);
  • Vehicle registration documents, Drivers licenses,

Product features

  • durable materials, with security print and other security features integrated into the product;
  • holograms applied through hot stamping (this prevents the detachment of the holograms);
  • custom security features on request.

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