Specially designed for the electronic industry, our labels for the electronic industry are functional for any project both OEM and their suppliers.

Branding labels

  • durable materials;
  • special graphic design for high visual appearance.

Identification labels

  • custom printed with text, logo, product information, barcode and serial number.

PCB labels

  • withstand high temperatures (up to 500°C);
  • extreme resistance to mechanical abrasion and chemical reactions;
  • static dissipative (ESD) base materials.

Screen protection labels

  • base material with high degree of transparency;
  • special adhesives that will leave no marks on the screen regardless of the time of application;
  • two different types of adhesives: repositionable (can be reapplied) and fugitive (can’t be reapplied after detachment).

Auxiliary labels

  • logistic labels for direct thermal printing and laser printing;
  • identification labels for boxes;
  • security labels (seals, smart labels).


  • specially designed adhesive for the electronic industry;
  • we use ESD (electrostatic dissipative) materials;
  • durable and heat resistant materials;
  • high resistance to chemical reaction (direct contact with the soldering bath or cleaning fluids);
  • withstand chemical and mechanical action produced when cleaning equipment and their components;
  • labels are as durable as the products that they are applied onto;
  • our solutions meet all industry standards and regulations: RoHS, UL, CSA, WEEE;
  • we offer solutions for special and anti-counterfeiting applications.


  • electronic devices and components: circuit boards, capacitors, inductors, resistors, diodes, transistors, microprocessors, micro-controllers, batteries, wires, tubes, motors, generators, switches, relays, transformers.