Tamper proof seals protect your products from any unauthorized tampering and guarantee a higher form of security to your product, in case you need to securely seal any packaging, documents, access zones, etc. The security seals can be produced using a large variety of materials with different shapes, sizes and security features. The 2011/62/EU Directive has introduced mandatory safety features regarding the labeling of outer packaging of certain medicinal products for human use.

Our product range consists of

  • Destructible – meaning it can’t be removed in one piece, because the adhesive’s adherence is higher than the resistance of the base material, therefore the seal can’t be removed without it tearing. The seal can be produced from paper, acetate, PVC, etc.
  • seals displaying a “VOID”/”STOP”/”OPENED” message – When the seal is removed a message will appear on both the product packaging and the seal itself. In case you prefer a seal that doesn’t leave any residue on the packaging, you can opt for the residue free seal. These seals will leave no trace on the packaging, can’t be reapplied, however, once removed, they will still display the “VOID”/”STOP”/”OPENED” message.
  • Patent pending tamper-evident auto-adhesive seal, with ergonomic sealing, can be customized with controlled tearing.

Characteristics of the tamper evident seal

  • it can be produced with personalized print, holograms printed in register, hidden or visible barcodes. We can provide you with our own track & trace system, which comes free of charge with the purchase of our tamper evident seals (You can read more about our track & trace system here)

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