The falsification of industrial goods has become a thriving business. The financial damages caused by these are significant. Security printing is the branch of the industry that deals with the printing of items such as banknotes, cheques, passports, tamper-evident labels, product authentication, stock certificates, postage stamps and identity cards. The main goal of security printing is to prevent forgery, tampering, or counterfeiting.

Companies are protecting their documents and products by incorporating the following security features.

Security features that can be incorporated in labels or documents:

  • overt security features;
  • covert security features;
  • advanced security features (OVDs – optically variable devices);
  • holograms with different security features: microtext, guilloche type graphics, 2D/3D images, flip-flop, etc.

We can assist you in the selection of the suitable security features and the design of the hologram for your project.

What we do

  • we produce high quality products that meet national and international standards;
  • offer specifically designed security products and labels to meet individual customer requirements, a wide variety of shapes, colors, dimensions, an extensive selection of base materials and adhesives, suitable for any usage, a large selection of patterns, designs, various distinguished finishes and latest technologies;
  • use quality management systems from planning through production to packaging;
  • HQ video inspection;
  • secure operations and procedures both inside and outside the production site: secured facilities, security protocols with restricted areas, video surveillance, security guards;
  • on schedule delivery;
  • in-house developed track and trace system, offered for free with every purchase of our security label solutions (you can read more about it here);
  • stock and finished product insurance;
  • we guarantee the security of your product by running our business in the most secure manner possible in order to minimize the risk of counterfeiting;
  • after sale support, including regular visits to customers, reviews and security upgrades;
  • we provide technical support during and after setup.

 What we use

  • most of the security printing technologies stood the test of time and are still in use today, others use newly developed applications such as:
    – overt security features: integrated into documents and designed to be easily detectable by the naked eye under normal lighting conditions (watermarks, security threads);
    – covert security features: hidden in the documents design; it is not immediately detected, may require optical aids such as magnifying glass, fluorescent light source or machine readable devices;
    – forensic security features: forensic features are so covert that they require special training and equipment to verify their presence;
  • when considering a mix of overt/covert security features, before starting production we can help you decide:
    – how many security features would be required in the final product;
    – whether the verification should be visual, machine readable or a combination of all three types of security features;
  • valuable documents in need of protection against counterfeiting, forgery or fraud should incorporate several security features in their design.
  • basic security printing features: watermarks, void pantographs, guilloches and fine line security patterns, variable line thickness, ghost watermarks, drape-lines and microtext.
  • advanced security features: OVD’s (optically variable devices):
    – changes in appearances (color or information) when viewed at different angles, when device is rotated, or when the color temperature or dominant wavelength is changed;
    – impossible to reproduce or copied by photocopiers, scanners or digital image-capture equipment and have become a cornerstone for document security applications;
    – can be diffractive optical variable image features (found in holograms, kinegrams) or interference image structures (found in credit cards, drivers license, some banknotes).
  • holograms with different security features: microtext, guilloche type graphics, 2D/3D images, flip-flop, etc.
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Security paper

  • contains a wide variety of security features for authentication purposes;
  • has several characteristics that distinguish it from the general commercial paper: a mixture of multiple overt, covert and forensic security printing features;
  • paper additives are mixed in during refining to alter paper characteristics making the final paper water resistant, smooth, soft, denser, stronger and more durable;
  • security features embedded in the paper:

– watermarks;
– security threads (metalized thread , holographic windowed thread);
– security fibers (invisible and visible microfibers);
– planchettes (fluorescent/non-fluorescent, thermocromic, chemically reactive);
– microtext, cleartext, thermotext;
– chemically reactive stains;
– tamper evident and laser treated;
– forensic features;
– furnish frangible/disruptive surface.

Security inks

  • large variety of security printing inks, used for preventing document forgery;
  • can be simply verified by touch, UV lighting or IR bar code reading;
  • two different security ink types:
    – Anti-duplication security inks: provide covert features for authentication (UV fluorescence or reactive to metal, heat, IR).
    Type of inks used: metallic, fluorescent, magnetic, iridescent, color-shifting, bleeding, coin-reactive, IR black, UV (visible / invisible), metameric pairs, pen-reactive, photochromic, thermochromic, electrochromic, inks with micro or DNA taggants, trademark colors.
    – Tamper proof security inks: provide overt indications of tampering (discoloration upon exposure to water, chemicals or destruction of the background upon fading). Examples of inks used: erasable, fugitive, etc.
  • we can also overprint, varnish and laminate, to help prevent counterfeiting and forging.

We are looking forward to working with you!