Durable Printed Textile Labels

We have two types of textile labels: adhesive (applied like regular labels) and nonadhesive (applied through sewing).

Product features

  • wear and tare resistant base material;
  • first class materials – certified for textile materials used for clothes, toys, bed sheets, etc. made for new born and children up to 3 years old (clothes, toys, bed sheets, etc.);
  • special inks, that are used for textile printing;
  • custom content, color and size;
  • printable through thermal transfer.


  • can be attached to any textile, plastic or metal materials;
  • they can be both sewn (nonadhesive material) and pasted (adhesive material), even on airbags with a very strong adhesive, thus eliminating the sewing process.


  • automotive industry;
  • textile and clothing industry;
  • furniture industry.