Tamper-Evident Security Holograms

Holograms offer brand protection, product authentication, as well as an excellent barrier against counterfeiting.
We offer holograms which will provide you with a more functional, protected, decorative and powerful product.

ELTRONIS is an associate IHMA member since 2015. The IHMA is made up of nearly 100 of the world’s leading hologram companies who actively cooperate to maintain the highest professional, security and quality standards in support of their customers.

We can produce a wide variety of holographic labels

  • indestructible;
  • partially destructible (leaving a geometric or „VOID” type message when detached);
  • totally destructible (the holograms will stick to the product, only the upper foil will detach);
  • holograms with security cuts (various complex cuts inside the hologram, which make it impossible to detach it in one piece).

Our offering consists of

  • generic holograms;
  • personalized holograms with: microtext, guilloche type graphics, 2D/3D images, flip-flop, etc.;
  • holograms with printed serial numbers.

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