The 2011/62/EU Directive has introduced mandatory safety features regarding the labeling of outer packaging of certain medicinal products for human use. Our patent pending, tamper evident seal with controlled tearing is self-adhesive, has ergonomic sealing and is highly customizable.

The seal has numerous advantages

  • easy to use;
  • product authentication;
  • security cuts for tamper evidence (the seal can not be reused);
  • tactile signs for visually impaired end users;
  • adjustable size to include more information;
  • track and trace with hidden code and customized application (also useful in marketing campaigns);
  • personalized hologram on request;
  • non-adhesive tab for easy removal;
  • strong adhesive, water and heat resistant;
  • reliable due to its simple construction;
  • easy to spot tampering;
  • can be applied manually or automatically on any packaging; it can be supplied in roll or sheet form;
  • it can be applied seamlessly onto the packaging, preventing accidental tearing;
  • dimensions and color are variable on request (the seal can be round, triangular, square, etc.); the shape of the seal will not affect its functionality;
  • can be personalized as informational support, identifiable through long distance tracking technologies (RFID, NFS, etc.);
  • can be produced using transparent materials, which in turn don’t affect the design of the packaging;
  • opening the seal using the detachable part does not damage the packaging;
  • can highlight separately or simultaneously both the opening and destruction of the packaging;
  • the detachable latch can only tear along the predefined shape (does not tear randomly);
  • removing the detachable latch won’t leave any residues or marks on the packaging; it also won’t stick to anything (e.g. clothes, packaging, desk, etc.)

The invention can be applied in the most diverse industry domains including the pharmaceutical and food industry. It is made using materials which comply with strict sterile requirements.


  • The seal can be produced with personalized print, holograms in register, hidden or visible barcodes. We can provide you our own track & trace system, which is free of charge if you purchase our tamper evident seals (You can read more about our track & trace system here).

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