RFID Labels

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is an automated identification method which stores readable data that can be accessed from a distance through radio waves, using an RFID transponder. RFID labels are used for product tracking.

Product features

  • an embedded antenna that stores information is placed inside the label, tag or card;
  • the final product will be easily scanable by a reader;
  • there are 3 different frequencies: low frequency (LF < 125 kHz), high frequency (HF 13.56 MHz) or ultra high frequency UHF.


  • easily manageable system;
  • long distance readability;
  • inside chip modification;
  • track and trace.


  • passports, ID documents, key cards, tickets, financial transactions, toll payment, automotive industry, IT industry, heavy industry, retail, health care, science, education, hotels and any other custom made RFID products.