Smartphone camera security label Smartphone Sicherheitssiegel okostelefon biztonsági címke sigiliu smartphone

No More Unauthorized Pictures with the ELTRONIS Smartphone Camera Security Label

No More Unauthorized Smartphone Pictures with the ELTRONIS Smartphone Camera Security Label It’s amusing to see how some stores and banks still have a crossed off photo camera sign for ‘No Pictures Allowed’, forgetting the fact that nowadays most everyone carries at least a camera with him- or herself in the form of their smartphones.


Visiting drupa 2016

drupa 2016 We have just returned from the specialty printing exhibition drupa 2016, which we attended as visitors.

Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU Directiva europeană a medicamentelor contrafăcute direktíva a gyógyszerhamisítás ellen Richtlinie gegen Arzneimittelfälschung

The Falsified Medicines Directive (2011/62/EU)

The Falsified Medicines Directive (2011/62/EU) Nowadays falsified medicines are one of the biggest threats to the public health and safety. Due to the ever-growing sophistication of falsifications, the threat of falsified medicines reaching patients in the EU increases year by year.

structure of labels

Know Your Labels

Know Your Labels What is a product label? Labels are everywhere. Everything is labeled. One would think that labels are easy. All there is to labels is that they stick to things, right? Not quite. Being an intrinsically complex procedure, multiple factors have to be taken into account when choosing both the label construction and […]

Archipelago Magazine Article archipelago magazine Archipelago cikk articol archipelago

Archipelago Magazine Article (Omet)

track and trace

Safe products using the Eltronis track and trace solutions

Safe products using the ELTRONIS track and trace and anti-counterfeiting solutions Eltronis has made great progress in improving the product packaging security.

Pharmapack Europe 2016

Eltronis attended Pharmapack 2016

Eltronis attended Pharmapack Europe 2016 Eltronis has grown throughout the years and this experience has allowed us to deal with a large variety of specialty and security contracts, regardless of the magnitude or complexity of the task, our product range expanding through various industry branches.

Pharmapack Europe

Thank you for visiting our booth at Pharmapack Europe 2016

THANK YOU FOR VISITING THE ELTRONIS BOOTH AT PHARMAPACK EUROPE 2016! We would like to thank you for spending your time visiting our booth at Pharmapack Europe 2016, held in Paris, France.

IHMA Certificate

Eltronis is an Associate Member of the IHMA since 2015

Eltronis became an Associate Member of the IHMA in 2015 The IHMA is made up of nearly 100 of the world’s leading hologram companies who actively cooperate to maintain the highest professional, security and quality standards in support of their customers.

Pharmapack Europe

Eltronis at Pharmapack Europe 2016

Eltronis at Pharmapack Europe 2016 ELTRONIS presents its innovative tamper evident seal  design for pharmaceutical packaging! Eltronis has made great progress in improving the product packaging for the pharmaceutical industry.