Free parking for eco-friendly car owners in Bucharest

One of the main environmental problems of Bucharest is smog, as in urban air pollution. Meaning to join the major European capitals, which are facing the same problem and are struggling to protect the environment, the General Council of Bucharest has started issuing more and more decrees, which serve to support eco-friendly car owners, and also stimulate the growth in number of these electric or hybrid vehicles.

Among these resolutions is the 95% local tax reduction granted to the owners of environmentally friendly cars.

The newest act by the General Council and the Mayor is to allow free parking to the owners of “green” cars. This free access refers to all public parking spaces within the city borders, and is granted solely to people whose cars have been registered in Bucharest. The identification of these vehicles will be accomplished with the help of a vignette, issued by the Public Administration of Streets. These vignettes are to be placed inside the vehicle, on the windshield. In order to obtain one of these vignettes one must go directly to the Public Administration of Streets.

ELTRONIS has been selected by the authorities to produce this new kind of vignette. The labels contain security cuts, which prevent their removal in one piece and also their reuse. Each vignette is registered in the Public Administration’s central database and can be verified by a simple QR code scan. All the QR codes correspond to the serial numbers printed on the vignette.