Luminescent tamper-evident security seal in compliance with the Falsified Medicines Directive

One of the two main security requirements of the European Falsified Medicines Directive (2011/62/EU) is that pharmaceutical packaging must carry a unique identifier, in a machine readable 2D code and in human-readable format, allowing the identification and authentication of the individual pack on which it is printed. Many pharmaceutical manufacturers have already been applying unique identifiers, similar to the FMD mandated information, onto their packaging in order assist their logistics system. Such companies would understandably not need to change their practices very much to comply with the aforementioned ordinance by the European Directive. However there is the other security requirement that still needs implementation, namely the introduction of a device allowing the verification of whether the packaging of the medicinal product has been tampered with. This is easily attained by the application of a tamper-evident security seal.

ELTRONIS – Specialty & Security Printing offers a wide array of security labels for the protection of medicinal boxes, ranging from the simplest cost-effective construction and content to the more sophisticated seals, like enseal™, our patent-pending tamper-evident security seal with controlled tearing, launched at Pharmapack Europe 2016 – developed with the needs of the end-customer in mind, this seal can be easily opened, yet still showing any sign of tampering.

Additional security elements that can be included: generic or custom holograms, hidden barcode, invisible print and many more elements that can successfully prevent counterfeiting and strengthens the trust of the end-users in your brand.

Companies that are not yet prepared to invest in a more complex tamper-evident security seal are still required to make sure that nobody has tampered with their product packaging. For those who need a transparent seal which will not interfere with the design of their packaging, the ideal solution would be a simple luminescent tamper-evident seal. The luminescence of its adhesive facilitates the verification of the seal’s presence on the medicinal packaging, thus reducing the risk of missing labels to zero. The seal’s strong adhesive also prevents its removal without irreparably damaging the surface of the packaging.

Don’t forget, the FMD introduced safety features must be placed on the packaging of medicines no later than February 9th 2019. So, whether you are interested in our more sophisticated security labels or you are looking for a simpler way to protect your packaging from counterfeiters, contact us and we will provide you with a customized labeling solution perfectly suited for you and your end-customers’ needs.

The details on the packaging make all the difference in the world!