Wire identification labels – Why do we need them?

Wire markers, like wire identification labels, have been a necessary part of wire assembly for as long as anyone can recall. It is an essential requirement by many OEMs that individual wires and cables used in their products be clearly identified with a marker or label. This is also one of the main requirements of most electrical standards, used during the life of a product, which require a mark identifying a specific electrical circuit for traceability from their initial assembly, testing and servicing years down the road. Key identification requirements are legibility, permanence and abrasion resistance.

Labeling is a key factor in the setup and maintenance of any efficient and professional installation. Given how virtually every process in a company relies on an electrical system, any disruptions can affect a wide range of processes, from IT to basic infrastructure, leading to a potential shutdown of daily business activities and production.

ELTRONIS – Specialty & Security Printing provides custom wire identification labels, a quick and easy labeling solution for all kinds of wires and cables.

Our labels are made from a filmic material, and their simple design ensures perfect alignment every time.

The ELTRONIS wire identification labels:

  • come in wrap-around and flag label form;
  • work excellently on small diameters as well; once applied, they don’t break apart;
  • withstand both extreme heat and cold, with a minimum application temperature of 0 ºC;
  • their strong permanent adhesive has a very high aging stability and features outstanding resistance against chemicals, heat and UV;
  • have an expected durability of minimum 7 years, however their actual performance life will depend on exposure conditions and maintenance;
  • they can be produced in any shape or color, based on the customer’s specifications;
  • feature good thermal transfer printability and excellent abrasion resistance;
  • base material meets all regulatory requirements;

Based on the customers’ specifications, these labels can incorporate logos, barcodes, QR codes, symbols, serials, sequential numbers, etc. Our wire identification labels can be produced with the required print and can be laminated with a transparent foil for the protection of the printed information.  At the customer’s request we can supply them with blank labels, and in turn they can print their information themselves with any standard office thermal transfer printer.

Identification of individual wires and cables is crucial during wiring harness assembly, product assembly and testing as well as servicing. A company can lose immensely valuable time and assets while working on detecting the source of the problem, before even starting to fix it. This can be easily prevented with the application of the ELTRONIS durable wire identification labels, a proper labeling solution to create a truly efficient and professional installation.