Eltronis security seal for the authentication of metrology devices

Metrology is the science of measurement that includes units of measurement and their standards, measuring instruments and their fields of application, and all theoretical and practical problems relating to measurement (it has also no connection to the weather). Metrology has three basic subfields, one of which is legal metrology.

The International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) was created in 1955 to promote the global harmonization of the legal metrology procedures that underpin and facilitate international trade. Such harmonization ensures that certification of measuring devices in one country is compatible with certification in another, thereby facilitating trade in the measuring devices and in products that rely on these devices. Some of these products include weighting devices, taxi meters, radar equipment for the measurement of speed, agricultural measuring devices (e.g. cereal moisture meters), and other measuring devices.

The Romanian Bureau of Legal Metrology (BRML) is the regulatory authority for legal metrology in this country. Eltronis has won the tender to produce a security seal to be used for the authentication of various measuring devices. This security seal incorporates various security features. It is made of tamper-evident material, that will display a ‘VOID’ message at any attempt of removal. This however leaves no residues on the applied surface. The incorporated security cuts ensure the destruction of the seal, meaning that it can not be removed in one piece, regardless of the applied surface. It has a strong, permanent adhesive, which won’t be affected by aging. Its high water, temperature and chemical resistance prevent any accidental detachment from the applied surface. Furthermore the seal’s security features include holograms, serial numbers and covert markings hidden in the seal’s design, that make it impossible to replicate.

Measuring devices are an essential part of civilized life and tempering with these devices can have serious consequences. Our security seal is the ideal authentication tool to be applied on these machines. In case you are interested in a similar security solution you can check out the Products section of our website. If you have a custom design in mind, please contact us.

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