ELTRONIS test labels for automatic tire spraying

We have successfully implemented our test labels for customers from the automotive industry. Due to their color changing properties, these labels can be used for the production of a simple, yet useful inspection tool.

A functioning tire determines the quality of the vehicle’s handling, protects you and others from avoidable breakdowns or crashes and improves the fuel economy. The last step of the tire manufacturing process is inspection. Tires are checked for numerous visual defects such as incomplete mold fill, exposed cords, blisters, blemishes, and others irregularities. This is one of the most important things to do to avoid tire failure such as tread separation or blowout and flat tires.

One of the last steps in the manufacturing process is spraying the inside of the tires with a special protection fluid. This is where the ELTRONIS test labels come into play. In order to easily verify whether the tire has been sprayed, the operators use the test labels. Contact with the moist surface will produce a visible color change on the label. In case the tire has not been coated with the protection fluid, the label will remain unchanged. An incredibly easy solution to ensure quality in both performance and safety. After all, our lives ride on it!

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