ELTRONIS is attending Pack Expo 2016

After our successful participation at Pharmapack Europe 2016, we have decided to attend Pack Expo 2016, it being a major South-Eastern European exhibition dedicated to the packaging industry, which addresses a wide variety of applications, including labeling solutions. This event gathers technical expertise and innovation for all those attending, as around 10.000 specialists from all around South-East Europe are present at this exhibition.

The wide variety of ELTRONIS products include booklet labels, pharmaceutical labels (syringe and vial labels, hang tags, intravenous medicine and blood bag labels), security seals, holograms (ELTRONIS is an associate member of the IHMA), labels for the automotive industry (self-adhesive textile airbag labels and other durable labels), labels for the electronic industry (ESD labels, other auxiliary and identification labels) and many other specialty and security products, which can be found on our website.

At Pack Expo 2016 ELTRONIS will be showcasing our diverse specialty and security labels for a wide variety of industries. Among the improvements we brought to the product packaging security is enseal™, our patent-pending, self-adhesive, tamper-evident seal, which can be supplied with engage™, our cloud-based security and brand engagement software solution, to verify the unique codes and serial numbers printed on the enseal™. It was launched during Pharamapack Europe 2016. Both enseal™ and engage™ can be implemented throughout various industries. Please follow the link for more information about engage™.

Pack Expo 2016 will take place between September 27 and 30, at the Romexpo Exhibition Center in Bucharest. ELTRONIS will be found at booth 34A, on the 1st floor in Sector A. We are looking forward to meeting you there!