No More Unauthorized Smartphone Pictures with the ELTRONIS Smartphone Camera Security Label

It’s amusing to see how some stores and banks still have a crossed off photo camera sign for ‘No Pictures Allowed’, forgetting the fact that nowadays most everyone carries at least a camera with him- or herself in the form of their smartphones. It has become a real reflex reaction to take out your phone and snap a picture of something or someone, and then instantly share it with the world.

What happens when you don’t want or straight up don’t allow visitors taking pictures in your offices or production sites? Take their phones away? Who can keep track of  which phone belongs to whom? No worries, we, at Eltronis, have the answer! Whenever you have visitors just apply our smartphone camera security label over their phone’s camera or cameras (Remember some of the phones have a camera in both the front and the back of the device!). What makes our label so special, you ask? Simple: it offers complete cover, it leaves NO RESIDUES after its removal, and it’s also tamper-evident (OPEN-VOID), in case the phone’s owner decides to remove the label prematurely and break the rules.

In a world where information has become an incredibly sought after commodity, corporate security is vital. So why not make sure that the easiest slip up is dealt with in the easiest way possible?