engage™ – Safe products using the ELTRONIS authentication and track & trace solution

UPDATE: Please follow the link to find out all about the next evolution of engage

ELTRONIS has made great progress in improving the product packaging security. When it comes to technology and quality we pride ourselves with the latest state of the art equipment and materials which allow us to produce the highest quality specialty and security products.

One such product is enseal™, our patent-pending self-adhesive tamper-evident seal for packaging protection which we officially launched during Pharmapack Europe 2016 (see our article on the event).

It can be supplied with engage™, an intuitive and user-friendly track and trace application software to verify the unique codes and serial numbers printed on the security seals. However our software solution is not exclusively part of the aforementioned security seal. engage™ can be easily incorporated into our large variety of labels and seals. The software application is also easily integrated into any system or domain. The pages and the labels can be customized on request for each product.

engage™ is the ideal application for the manufacturer, distributor and the end-customer.

All there is to do is scan the QR code printed on the label with a smartphone. This will automatically bring up a screen with all the information you need and more. Not all of your customers own a smartphone, so we made sure that everybody can verify the product. This is where the serial number comes into play. By following the link on the label, then entering the serial the end-customers will be able to access the required information just as easily as with the scanning of the QR code.

The multiple applications and benefits of engage™ include: user friendly design; it can integrate the complete product specifications with external links; production workflow track and trace; unique hidden serials and barcode generator, automatically linked to the manufactured products; check traceability using the I.P. Address or mobile carrier details of the scanning device; immediate feedback in case of invalid code scanned or if the unique code was already scanned beforehand; the authentication solution is to be made redundant in terms of software and hardware, so that in case of equipment failure, the impact on the users will be minimal; it works on any fixed or mobile terminal connected to the Internet without the need to install additional software and regardless of the operating system; this also opens new dimensions in marketing campaign possibilities for desired products.

We have successfully implemented engage™ for customers in both the automotive and the pharmaceutical industries. However our solution is not limited to just these industry branches.

The authentication and tracking of products has never looked so user friendly!

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