enseal™ – the ELTRONIS self-adhesive, tamper-evident seal – designed to protect your shipping boxes

Product security has never been more important than it is today, because of the increased number of counterfeits, mostly associated with products purchased over the Internet. ELTRONIS has made great progress in improving the product packaging security, due to our state-of-the-art equipment and materials.

One such product is enseal™ our patent-pending, self-adhesive, tamper-evident seal for primary packaging and shipping box protection, which was officially launched earlier this year. Since its time on the market we have managed to successfully implement enseal™ for different customers in the pharmaceutical and automotive industry, as this ELTRONIS tamper-evident product packaging solution is not limited to one particular industry.

enseal™ comes with a slew of other advantages:

  • reduced production costs, due to the simplicity of its construction and the possibility of using paper as the seal’s base material;
  • it serves to indicate initial opening and show irreversible manipulation of the packaging;
  • designed to facilitate an easy removal through its non-adhesive tab; it only tears along the predefined cuts, which prevent the resealing of the tab;
  • its high-precision security cuts prevent removal in one piece, making it impossible to reuse;
  • both dimension and color are variable on request – the shape of the seal will not affect its functionality; in case you choose a transparent base material, the seal won’t affect the design of the packaging either;
  • enseal™ can be supplied with engage™, our cloud-based security and brand engagement software solution to verify the unique codes and serial numbers printed on the security seal;
  • other different individually determined visible and invisible features are available on request for each order (e.g. personalized hologram with in-register application, security print, etc.);
  • it can be applied manually or automatically on any packaging.

Secure and inspire the needed confidence by protecting your primary packaging and shipping boxes with enseal™.

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