The ELTRONIS head office has moved to the United Kingdom

More than 16 years have passed since the inception of our company. Over the years ELTRONIS – Specialty & Security Printing has grown from a small company producing simple self-adhesive labels to becoming Romania’s leading provider of specialty and security labeling solutions, an associate IHMA member and exhibitor at many prestigious industry events.

Success brings along growth and expansion for every company. For us growth means that the wheels have been put in motion for ELTRONIS – Specialty & Security Printing to move into a state-of-the-art production facility.

What does expansion mean for ELTRONIS, you ask? Expansion for ELTRONIS means moving our head office to the United Kingdom under the name ELTRONIS UK LTD.

Our new head office is located in Oxford, England and its main activities will include research & development for advanced security solutions and an international sales hub.

It has been a long and arduous journey that started in 2003, but hard work always bears fruit. We will continue to improve upon our products and services to reward the trust of our existing customers and to ensure the success of our future collaborations.

For more information on ELTRONIS UK LTD please check out the contact page on the ELTRONIS – Specialty & Security Printing homepage.