Customizable serialized tamper evident seal with controlled tearing

A user-friendly patent pending ergonomic customizable serialized tamper evident seal with controlled tearing for primary product packaging and shipping box protection.

The seal’s non-adhesive tab for easy removal provides it with a revolutionary intuitive use. The addition of the non-adhesive tab helps the end-users to easily open the seal and gain access to the product the intended way, while also reinforcing the product’s safety.

The detachable non-adhesive tab can only tear along the predefined line and does not damage the product packaging in any way, which allows the end-customer further use of the box.

Tamper-evidence isn’t neglected in favor of user-friendliness. For this purpose, we have incorporated security cuts into the construction of the seal, which prevent the seal being reused and make any sign of tampering easily noticeable (the seal cannot be removed in one piece).

The application of the customizable serialized tamper evident seal with controlled tearing is not limited to one particular industry. It has been officially launched at Pharmapack Europe 2016. Since its time on the market ELTRONIS has managed to successfully implement it for different customers in both the pharmaceutical and automotive industry

The Falsified Medicines Directive (2011/62/EU) has introduced mandatory safety features with regards to the protection of certain medicinal products for human use. The ELTRONIS patent pending security seal is fully compliant with the Directive’s requirements.

Our security seal comes with a considerable number of advantages:

  • It is very easy to open;
  • Reduced production costs due to the simplicity of its construction and the possibility of using paper as the seal’s base material;
  • The seal can be also produced using transparent material, which in turn will not affect the existing design of the packaging;
  • Dimension and color of the seal are variable on request – the shape of the seal will not affect its functionality;
  • It can be supplied with our own intuitive and user-friendly track & trace application, to authenticate the product through the verification of the unique codes and serial numbers printed on the security seal;
  • Other individually determined visible and invisible security features are also available on request (e.g. personalized hologram, security print, etc.);
  • The seal can also be personalized to offer informational support, identifiable trough long distance tracking technologies, like RFID;
  • It can incorporate tactile signs for visually impaired end-users;
  • Specially created water- and heat resistant ultra-strong adhesive for any type of cardboard provides the required tamper-evident feature on the applied surface (cardboard/fiber tear);

The ELTRONIS patent pending customizable serialized tamper evident seal with controlled tearing can be adapted to fit any your requirements.

Safety starts with the packaging!